Brain Logistics, s.r.o.,is a consulting company founded in 2003 by Ing. Viliam Grácz. Viliam has a 17-year experience of working in various senior positions within the corporate sector, including six years as a partner in the corporate advisory division at the international consultancy Ernst & Young, where he was responsible for business development with emphasis on the sector of small and medium enterprises. Brain Logistics was established with the aim of bringing business know-how common in large international companies to the small and medium enterprises in the Czech Republic.

Our clients are primarily companies from the modern technologies business (ICT, engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals) trade, services and advanced manufacturing. Our services are based on an individual approach to their needs and particular conditions, with a specific emphasis on the personal opinions of owners of the companies and statutory bodies.

Our primary mission is in saving our client’s - always so short supplied - time by replacing it by our expertise and physical capacity. Finally, the client receives more money than he pays for our services – thanks to our expertise and our ability to change our time into our client’s direct financial benefit. And we are constantly upgrading our portfolio of services as to fulfill this mission.

The company currently employees seven experienced experts and provides services both in the corporate finance and in the analysis.