Generational Change and Retirement from the Business

Nearly half of our clients are entrepreneurs doing business for more than 15 or 20 years. Due to their age, health or family situation, they want to leave the business. Another group of entrepreneurs wants to change their business object after many years and find new challenges; or they want to live a more quiet life. In addition to these, mostly small and medium companies (15-20 employees), we are also involved in business of selling non-core activities or divisions of larger corporations.

Sale of Companies

Preparation of sales documents (a letter to reach investors, an information memorandum, an agreement on confidentiality of information provided)

Preparation of a list of potential domestic and foreign investors

Addressing investors, providing primary information, negotiations

Support in negotiating the terms of sale

Support in the finalizing of the transaction and ensuring the collection of the purchase price

Searching for financial investors for selected investment projects